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How This Works: About

Here's Everything You Need to Know

🍅Please reach out if you have any additional questions 🍅

Box Delivery

How does delivery work?

Visit our About Delivery page for details. 

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Planting a Plant
Donating Money

Can I volunteer?

Thank you, what a great question!

We are a small but mighty team of volunteers, so we appreciate all of the help you can offer. 

Please send us an email and we will add your name for consideration for next year.  

How do I care for my plants?

Each one of our seedlings is lovingly cared for by one of our volunteers. It is a true labour of love. 


Upon delivery, your plant will arrive in high quality soil and container, with a plant label, and will be hardened off to the best of our ability and ready to plant as you see fit. 


Have questions about how to care for your plant? Please send us an email!  

How much of my $ will go to the cause?

Although we do our best to keep costs low, a very small portion of the funds raised will cover materials (soil, seeds, and pots).

We are 100% volunteer run with no labour or storage costs included in our fees. 

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Collecting Donations
Student Life

Can I get a charitable donation receipt for my donation?

Unfortunately, we are not a registered charity. We are a once a year fundraiser. As such, we are not able to issue charitable donation receipts at this time.

Can I donate materials for next year?

YES! We welcome 3 inch and 4 inch new pots (used pots can sometimes harbour nasty critters) among other things. 

Please send us an email if you'd like to donate other materials such as seeds or soil. 

Who is/are the recipient(s) of the Seedlings for Students bursary?

For more information, check out our About Our Cause page.  

How This Works: Sponsors
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