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We are a small group of volunteers who are passionate about growing plants and helping students.

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Kim Bosch, Founder & Grower

I am a professor at Algonquin College, a mom and (obviously) I love to garden. I came up with this project after seeing my students working so hard to provide for their families while attending school. Thank you so much for supporting students!

Liz Steele, Founder & Grower

I am a mother of two grown children and gramma to my beautiful granddaughter. I do love to garden. Nothing better then spending time digging in the dirt and witnessing the results of your hard work. It’s a great stress reliever and also very rewarding. There’s nothing like walking out to the garden every morning to discover what is ready to be picked and enjoyed.

Holiday Pumpkin

Amanda Baxter, Grower

Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm a mom, I bake, and I love gardening. I am also a professor in the Baking and Pastry Arts program at Algonquin College. I also love pumpkins. 

Fatima Matar, Milkweed Grower

Fatima Matar - Headshot.jpg

I am a passionate gardener and very family-oriented. I enjoy time away at the cottage and the outdoors. I also enjoy planting fruits, vegetables, flowers, and many other things as a gardener. During the summer of 2019, I began saving Monarch Butterflies, and I now grow milkweed plants for myself and others. Besides gardening, I am an Algonquin College employee and a freelance photographer.

Devin Marhue, Grower

Meg Gagnier, Grower

Michelle, Grower


Judy Puritt, Grower

Clayton Kennedy, Grower


Hana Makki,
Tee-shirt Designer (2023)

Katie Renaud,


Angela Jay, Social Media Intern

Ellie Govinden, Social Media Intern


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